DISCovery Personality Style Analyst (section 2)

Managing People by DISCovery

One of application Discovery in working situation is to how manage people. If we understand the observable behavior of people, we can easily find out the suitable style to manage others.

Managing “D” person



  • Be Brief
  • Direct, to the point
  • Focus on Result not process
  • Highlight on fact, not people
  • Ramble
  • Be too sociable
  • Make generalizations
  • Make statement without support

Managing “i” person



  • Listening what they say
  • Allow them if they do interruption
  • Build a favorable, friendly environment
  • Submit details in writing
  • Take your time
  • Tell them that you have another agenda
  • Eliminate social time
  • Do all the talking
  • Interrupt them while they speaking

Managing “S” person



  • Create favorable environment
  • Express a genuine interest in them as a person
  • Be patient
  • Clearly define goals, procedures and their role
  • Assure them of personal support
  • Be pushy
  • Demanding
  • Too confrontational

Managing “C” person



  • Support ideas with facts and accurate data
  • Prepare in details
  • Be patient and persistent
  • Do pros and cons analysis
  • Make sure there is no surprises
  • Be general
  • Avoid to explain in details

Delegating by DISCovery

Superior has an ability to delegate tasks to their staffs. Superior have to learn how to delegate their task that suitable with staff’s personality.

Delegating to “D” person

Superior must:

  • Clear-out expected output
  • Explain their authority
  • Giving them time limit
  • Giving them freedom to work independently with own way
  • Checking as scheduled

Delegating to “i” person

Superior must:

  • Assure them the time limit
  • Checking as scheduled
  • Explain step by step for complex task
  • Telling them expected result from them

Delegating to “S” person

Superior must:

  • Explain all task patiently and details
  • Give them documentation
  • Help them to getting support from others
  • Telling them where they can get support if necessary
  • Do not change job policy frequently

Delegating to “C” person

Superior must:

  • Explain in a logic way about the importance of that job
  • Everything must be clear and details
  • Establish the expected quality standard
  • Strict and committed with agreed schedule

Motivating by DISCovery

Motivation is given, everybody have a motivation. No one can give motivation to others; expect He only can build up owns their motivation.

Motivating “D” person

They needs:

They don’t need:

  • Give him authority and power
  • Give him freedom to control himself and others
  • Focus on result
  • Ask him opportunity and new challenge
  • Ask him opportunity to develop and move up
  • Provide target of achievement
  • Too many rules and questions
  • Limited power and authority
  • Limited access to resources
  • Closely under supervision

Motivating “i” person

They needs:

They don’t need:

  • Freedom from control and rules
  • Do not exposure by data
  • Popularity and Social achievement
  • Social activities and groups
  • Direct appreciation
  • Unfriendly working people
  • Forceful of Policy and control
  • Everything about data
  • Routine work
  • Too many detail things

Motivating “S” person

They needs:

They don’t need:

  • Harmony situation
  • Being part members of the groups
  • Safety and Security
  • No sudden changes in procedure and lifestyles
  • Recognition from environment
  • Well-known procedures
  • Suddenly change in work policy
  • Aggressive
  • Competitive
  • No support from supervisor
  • Confrontative approach

Motivating “C” person

They needs:

They don’t need:

  • Clarity and written rules
  • Being part of team auditor
  • Ensure that everything is doing right
  • Logical approach
  • Reward based on quality and accuracy
  • Everything must be firstly socialized
  • Give him a chance to show his ability
  • Non logic and unsystematic condition

Personal Development by DISCovery

Personal Growth areas for “D”

  • Be friendlier and more approachable
  • Strive to be an active listener
  • Be less controlling and domineering
  • Develop a greater appreciation for the opinions, feelings and desires of others
  • Put more energy into personal relationship and courtesy
  • Show your support for other team members
  • Be attentive to other team members’ ideas until everyone reaches consensus

Personal Growth areas for “i”

  • Be more result oriented
  • Be less impulsive
  • Focus more and details and facts
  • Talk less; listen more
  • Concentrate on following through with task

Personal Growth areas for “S”

  • Be more direct in your interactions
  • Be more open to change
  • Deal with confrontation constructively
  • Develop more flexibility
  • Show more initiative

Personal Growth areas for “C”

  • Be more decisive
  • Be less critical of others’ ideas, approaches and methods
  • Respond more quickly to accomplish team goals
  • Focus less on facts and more on people
  • Take risks along with other team members

Source: Certified Behavioral Analyst, 2006, DISCovery Institute


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